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A divorce may tear the fabric of your family, but it should never rip it to shreds. At the law office of Mark A. Ogle, Attorney at Law, we believe that divorce cases and other family law issues should be aimed at providing a stable future for everyone involved — especially when children are involved. We have extensive skill and experience in domestic relations law, and a long track record of success achieving sane and reasonable legal solutions for people like you.

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Why Choose Mark A. Ogle, Attorney at Law?

At the law office of Mark A. Ogle, Attorney at Law, we help people with a wide range of family law problems, including contested and uncontested divorces and complex child custody arrangements. We offer our clients:

  • Experience: Attorney Mark A. Ogle has been practicing law for over 20 years, and focuses entirely on family law. He is well respected throughout the legal community and an intellectual leader in family law issues.
  • Preparation: Mark A. Ogle's approach to divorce is thorough and highly detailed. He is equipped to handle high-net-worth divorces and extremely complex property division and child custody disputes. He leaves no stone unturned.
  • The "human touch": Mark A. Ogle genuinely empathizes with his clients and knows how to guide them through the difficult emotional and practical aspects of divorce and move on with their lives.

At our law office, we do not adhere to a "scorched earth" approach to family law. We feel that all parties involved are best served when communication is open and honest and when common goals are sought through negotiation, mediation and collaborative law. Most family law matters are ultimately resolved without the need to go to court. Nonetheless, we are always fully prepared to fight for your interests at trial and beyond if necessary. We have experience with appeals and are not afraid to appeal cases if an appeal is warranted. Preparing a client matter for trial goes far toward ensuring an optimal client outcome in any case, regardless of whether the result is eventually achieved through a court ruling or a settlement.

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