Maintaining A Parent-Child Relationship After Relocations And Move-Aways

It is usually best for children of divorced or separated parents to maintain relationships with both parents. When one parent is forced to relocate, this relationship is difficult to maintain, but sometimes it is in the best interests of the child to do so. Attorney Mark A. Ogle, with Graydon Family Law, is adept at helping parents on both sides of this sensitive issue.

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Parental Relocation Solutions

If the spouse where the children reside chooses to move, permission must be granted by the other spouse or the family court must approve. We are careful to include relocation provisions in initial child custody arrangements so that, in the event you or your spouse chooses to relocate, the plans are already laid out, and the chances of complications are lessened.

Technology is, to some extent, making these situations easier to deal with. It is now possible for parents to keep in contact with their children through cellphones and text messaging, and even read bedtime stories over the internet. But distance will always be a major factor in parent-child relationships. We will help your parental relocation plans, as well as other modifications to divorce decrees, to ensure that the best interests of your child are protected — no matter where you or your former spouse lives.

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