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Is nesting realistic in your situation?

In cases of divorce with minor children, nesting, also called bird-nesting, is one option that some higher-income parents consider. It is when the parents decide to keep the children in one home and rotate out. So, instead of the children going to a different home every week or every month, it is their parents who do that.

However, even for those couples with extremely high financial means, nesting may later become too complicated to maintain.

Child support negotiations may seem intimidating

Having children may have been one of the most joyous moments in the lives of many Kentucky residents. Now that the parents are getting divorced, they may have many fears when it comes to doing right by those kids. Though custody issues may be a main focus, making decisions relating to child support can also prove immensely important.

Whether being the recipient or the payor, child support can pose many concerns. As a result, when it comes time to negotiate for a support amount, having financial information can be useful. This information can help individuals understand how much support one parent may need in order to provide for their children and how much the other parent may be able to pay based on income and other factors.

Control, manipulation may cause high asset divorce in Kentucky

The saying goes that money cannot buy happiness. For many Kentucky residents, this notion may be particularly true. Though they and their spouses may have a considerable amount of wealth, their marriages may not be filled with love and respect. Unfortunately, emotional abuse in these relationships may lead many individuals to filing high asset divorce petitions.

If individuals are married to emotional abusers, they may face a number of mentally taxing actions. Though a couple may be wealthy, an abusive spouse may limit the availability of money that the other person can access. Additionally, that spouse may also demand to check phone records, bills and other personal information as a way to control the availability of resources and the other person's ability to have some semblance of independence.

Chapman, Weinstein in line for a high asset divorce

Having millions of dollars can often allow individuals to feel financially secure. However, when some of those individuals find themselves going through a high asset divorce, they may soon begin to worry about potentially losing some of that security. These situations in particular can often result in complicated divorce cases that may take a significant amount of time to sort through.

Kentucky residents may find it unsurprising that in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein, his wife Georgina Chapman is looking to file for divorce. Their case will certainly involve millions of dollars, but it was reported that the couple did have a prenuptial agreement in place. Certain terms of the prenup indicated that Chapman would receive more money in spousal support the longer the couple had been married at the time of their divorce.

Preparation may help during high asset divorce in Kentucky

Deciding to take a life-changing step can seem daunting. As a result, many individuals like to prepare as best as possible for such events in order to make transitioning easier. This step could prove helpful for high asset divorce cases as they could cause considerable upheaval to the individuals involved. Luckily, preparation could help Kentucky residents move forward more smoothly.

With a high asset divorce, one of the most important preparation steps relates to gathering financial records. Money and property will undoubtedly play a significant role in the case, and having the right information at the ready could help answer any questions quickly as well as help create negotiation strategies. Some important documents may include income information, bank statements, bills and tax returns.

Do not overlook these 3 marital assets during divorce

When you are going through a divorce, there are a lot of financial issues to worry about. You may be ready to fight tooth and nail for the family home, car or boat, but there are plenty of other valuable assets that you should not forget about.

If you overlook some property or sources of money, you could be at a significant disadvantage when the time comes to divide marital assets. The following items are vital to remember so you can get your fair share of assets. 

High asset divorce and a narcissistic ex can pose complications

Dealing with the necessary choices that must be made when ending a marriage can be difficult in itself. When going through a high asset divorce, those choices may seem even more daunting as the decisions could have considerable financial implications. Unfortunately, some Kentucky residents may have even more issues to handle if they are divorcing narcissists.

Though a person may have an arrogant attitude, it does not necessarily make him or her a narcissist. Typically these individuals lack empathy, and because of this, the divorce process may immediately become a battle rather than having the potential for understanding and compromise. A narcissist generally does not want to understand and only wants what will work best for his or her situation.

Relaxation, mindfulness may help during high asset divorce

Everyone needs to get an adequate amount of sleep in order to function at their best. Of course, getting in those solid snoozing hours is not always easy, and when going through high asset divorce, many Kentucky residents may find sleep particularly elusive. Because sleeplessness and stress can have negative impacts on cognitive abilities, individuals going through divorce may want to take time to relax in hopes of avoiding hasty decision-making.

One way to help relieve stress and allow the body to feel better is to take healthy steps. These actions could involve literal steps due to being physically active, or they could involve eating healthy foods and drinking enough water. When individuals allow their bodies to feel good, their minds may also follow.

Mediation may help Kentucky parents with child custody decisions

Most Kentucky parents know that any major life change could potentially have negative impacts on their kids. However, some of those changes are unavoidable, and if parents feel that the time has come to end their marriage, they may wish to find the way that could cause the least amount of negativity, especially when coming to child custody decisions. If so, many parties may wish to consider mediation.

When most people think of divorce and custody issues, they often picture a courtroom setting with each parent doing their best to fight the other. However, this type of scenario does not have to be reality. In fact, mediation can allow parents to work together with a neutral third party to come to custody terms and other decisions.

Tax legislation may leave Kentucky residents with alimony concern

Throughout married life, many Kentucky residents may rely on the income of one spouse in order to pay for household and personal needs. As a result, when couples decide to divorce, one person could potentially end up facing a more difficult financial future. However, this is typically where alimony or spousal support payments come in as one spouse may be required to make monthly payments to the other.

Typically, individuals who pay alimony have the ability to deduct that amount from their taxes while the receiving party must pay income tax on the support. However, recent tax legislation has many people wondering whether that arrangement will continue in the future. House Republicans are hoping to change alimony tax as part of their plan while Senate Republicans hope to leave the taxation as it currently stands.

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