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Should Kentucky property division include fight for family home?

If a major reason a couple decides to divorce relates to their inability to agree, the dissolution process may prove contentious. Making decisions is a substantial part of divorce, and individuals will need to determine what terms best suit their circumstances when it comes to child custody, support, property division and other areas. In the event that parties cannot agree, the court will likely step in.

One particular piece of property that Kentucky residents may have a difficult time dividing is the family home. If both parties want to keep the home, the situation can be especially complex to sort out. When dealing with this type of scenario, individuals may want to explore their true reasoning for wanting to keep the home and whether those reasons will suit their financial situations.

Should Kentucky parents try to avoid child custody issues?

When children are involved, divorce situations can typically become more complex in nature. Because the well-being of the children needs to be considered, parents may have a difficult time making certain decisions when it comes to ending their marriages. Determining whether to put their children and themselves through child custody proceedings may play a role in some Kentucky residents' decisions.

Because many parents believe that divorce will have a much greater impact on younger children, they may think that putting up with their marital issues until the kids are grown is the best option. However, adult children can also face emotional struggles when it comes to seeing their parents divorce. They have lived with the same idea of what their family unit is for most of their lives, and seeing this dynamic change can have significant effects.

Can sleeping arrangements lead to high asset divorce in Kentucky?

Many Kentucky residents know that sleep plays a considerable role in people's lives. Because a lack of sleep can cause someone to become irritated or not think as clearly, most individuals want to get their necessary amount of shut eye. What some parties may not consider, however, is how sleep and sleeping arrangements could affect a marriage. In some instances, those arrangements could potentially contribute to a high asset divorce.

Though many married couples choose to share the same bed, that is not the case for everyone. Some parties may want to sleep separately because they do not have sleep habits that allow for each person to get restful sleep. Snoring and other issues can often cause people to sleep separately simply for the sake of ensuring that each person gets enough rest. 

Property division: Kentucky residents may want to consider 401(k)

For some Kentucky residents, going through divorce brings more upset about having to divide property than ending the relationship itself. While bringing the marriage to an end may mean a happier future for those involved, property division can cause considerable upset in many cases. Therefore, parties may wish to remain vigilant when it comes to working toward the outcomes they desire.

One type of asset that many people may not fully consider right away when dividing property is retirement accounts. However, a former spouse may be entitled to a portion of the other person's 401(k), and as a result, understanding whether this division is possible may be prudent. In these cases, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and the Internal Revenue Code could come into play.

Filing for paternity in Kentucky

You may want or need to file for paternity in Kentucky for any number of different reasons. Maybe you believe a man fathered your child and you are hoping to receive child support to help cover costs associated with raising your offspring, or perhaps you believe you fathered a child, but the child’s mother disputes your claim. You may, too, wish to file for paternity simply because you and your child’s mother do not plan to legally marry but you still want the same rights with regard to your child that becoming a legal father would allow you.

Regardless of your reasoning for doing so, there are certain steps you must take to establish legal paternity in Kentucky.

Understanding equitable property division may help in Kentucky

Incorrect information can cause considerable problems for anyone in a variety of situations. When Kentucky residents have the wrong idea about how property division proceedings will be carried out during divorce, they may be in for a rude awakening once the process begins. Therefore, they may wish to prepare for such aspects of their cases and assess what outcomes could potentially occur.

One important bit of information that could help many individuals is understanding what equitable division means. Some parties may simply think that "equitable" and "equal" have the same meaning, and that is not the case. When assets are divided equitably, it means that property is divided fairly but not necessarily evenly. If parties go into their division proceedings thinking that each person will walk away with the same amount of assets, they may feel caught off guard when division begins.

Divorce, child custody may impact Kentucky kids emotionally

As some Kentucky parents go through divorce proceedings, they may wonder about how to lessen the negative impacts the situation could have on their children. Because child custody agreements and other arrangements can significantly alter a child's life, it is not unusual for kids to feel upset about these changes. Luckily, parents can take action to ensure that they are there for their children.

By practicing empathy, parents may be more likely to understand why their children may be acting out. It is common for children to express their emotions by carrying out behaviors that are not typical for them, and rather than meet disruptions with anger, parents may wish to remember that their kids may be struggling with the divorce. By allowing them to speak openly and have a say in certain changes, they may feel less overwhelmed.

Financial preparations may prove vital in high asset divorce

After accumulating a considerable amount of wealth, most individuals want to do what they can to protect their assets. Unfortunately, some unexpected life events can cause some Kentucky residents to face financial impacts that could cause considerable upset. High asset divorce can easily result in parties losing some of their funds and other property, and therefore, individuals may wish to do their best to prepare in hopes of lessening negative outcomes.

One of the first steps those confronting divorce proceedings may wish to take is to gather financial documents. Information relating to bank accounts, retirement savings, investments, debts and similar aspects could play a role in allowing parties to understand their current situation and how the divorce could impact their finances. Because it can take time to gather all the useful documents, it makes good sense to begin as soon as possible. 

Child custody, stress and health issues may affect Kentucky kids

Their children's health is often a great concern of most Kentucky parents. Whenever a child shows signs of illness, his or her parents likely take the needed steps to ensure that the child gets well. Parents may also take precautionary measures in hopes that children do not suffer health issues. However, some parents may not realize that child custody and divorce-related stress could have health impacts.

It was recently reported that a study conducted with over 460 children examined the health impacts of divorce on kids. The study found that the major health issues present related to gastrointestinal, skin and mental areas. Apparently, children whose parents separated were twice as likely to develop health problems relating to these areas than children with married parents.

How divorce mediation works in Kentucky

Many people believe that divorcing couples who disagree about important issues have no choice but to face a bitter struggle in court. Mediation can offer a welcome alternative to litigation for many couples.

Mediation can provide several benefits that help couples achieve sucessful resolutions. While this process works for many, certain factors can make mediation difficult or even counterproductive for some. An attorney with experience in collaborative law can help you clarify if and how mediation can help you.

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Contemplating divorce is difficult. Whether or not you are sure you want to end your marriage, it helps to learn the basics of divorce law.

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