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Child support issues may affect Kentucky parents on both sides

After a divorce, families can face many issues for which they need to make adjustments. However, some problems that result from a situation in which one individual owes child support may not always be easily handled on one's own. If Kentucky residents are in predicaments where support payments are not being made as dictated by the divorce agreement, legal action may be necessary.

Helping children deal with two homes

Children whose parents are dividing their households into two may have a challenging time accepting their new reality. Instead of living together in the same household with both of their parents, they must now learn to live with each one separately. This can create a challenging situation for all who are involved because there are many changes that need to take place. To make it easier for your kids to adapt to their new lifestyles, here are some things you can do.

Preparing for alimony negotiations may help Kentucky residents

The idea of needing to pay spousal maintenance after a divorce may put many individuals' teeth on edge. Some parties may think that alimony is unnecessary or that their support terms are unfair. If Kentucky residents have fears that their spousal support terms may be too much for their circumstances, they may want to find out their options for negotiating those terms. 

Kentucky parents may worry about child custody options

The idea of losing any time with their children could be difficult for many Kentucky parents. As a result, if those parents go through divorce, child custody agreements may be a particular point of concern. Even if individuals are able to agree on a joint custody arrangement and utilize co-parenting, the adjustments may take some time to get used to.

Family home may be a concern during Kentucky property division

The family home is an asset that can be difficult to part with under any circumstances. When individuals are going through divorce, determining who will keep the home or whether it should be sold can be an emotional experience. In addition to working through those emotions, Kentucky residents may also wish to consider the financial impacts this type of property division could have. 

Kentucky residents may fear falling behind on child support

Owing support to a custodial parent is not an unusual responsibility for individuals to have. Unfortunately, struggling to make those child support payments is also not uncommon. Kentucky residents who are required to make these payments may find themselves falling behind, and as a result, they could find themselves in serious legal predicaments or even being taken into custody.

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