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Documents may prove useful during high asset divorce in Kentucky

There are many facets that go into the different divorce proceedings. When individuals are facing a high asset divorce, their particular cases could prove more complicated that other types of similar situations. Therefore, Kentucky residents with numerous valuable assets may wish to take certain actions to protect themselves during divorce.

3 types of listening that aid in divorce proceedings

If you have made the decision to end your marriage, you are probably dealing with some heavy, overwhelming emotions that can cause anger, frustration or even depression. As you navigate these difficult emotions, you must still be able to focus on your future and what you need to be successful. This may involve having a productive conversation with your spouse that is fact-based rather than emotion-based. If you understand the following types of listening, it may be easier to get your point across and get things settled quickly.

Discussion may help Kentucky kids re child custody issues

If some Kentucky residents feel that the time has come to end their marriages, they may worry about what to tell the kids. Divorce can have a variety of effects on the children involved, and parents may wish to plan ahead when it comes to how they will discuss the situation. Additionally, they will certainly want to help the kids understand potential child custody arrangements as best as possible.

Property division issues re the family home in a Kentucky divorce

Deciding to divorce may be the biggest decision some Kentucky residents make at a certain point in their lives. However, that one major decision will come with numerous other smaller but still significant choices as individuals go through the dissolution of their marriage. Property division is one process that can come with a multitude of decisions.

March is the most common month for divorce

It's come to light in recent years that March is the top month for filing for divorce. This was first based on anecdotal evidence from lawyers as well as tracking of search engines, but it is now supported by a University of Washington study conducted by sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidate Brian Serafini.

Kate Hudson, Chris Robinson facing child custody evaluation

Making decisions regarding their children can prove difficult for many Kentucky parents. However, if parents decide to divorce, many decisions must be made regarding the custody of their children. Because those decisions may have been hard to agree on, some parents may find themselves wanting to modify a child custody agreement later on. 

Child custody and relocation in Kentucky

If you share custody with a co-parent in the state of Kentucky, then you are already familiar with the state's particular nuances when it comes to custody decrees and adjustments. What you might not realize is that in Kentucky, relocation is treated just like any other modification to the custody agreement when parents share custody. That means if your co-parent is looking to relocate a long distance away, it is possible to make the case for a change in the balance of custodial time that reflects the best interests of the child and family unity.

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