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Do I need a cohabitation agreement?

If you are thinking about living with your partner in Kentucky so you can raise your kids in one household or enjoy the benefits of marriage without tying the knot, you should consider your reasons for doing so. Many people think that living with their significant others affords them the same protections as married couples. Little do they realize, however, that their relationships do not entitle them to same rights and protections that many couples enjoy when their relationships are over and they divorce.

Child support modifications may prevent arrest in Kentucky

Facing responsibilities and handling obligations are realities of life. Almost everyone has some sort of duty that they would rather not have to deal with, but in most cases, serious consequences could result if they do not complete their necessary tasks. For some parents, paying child support is an obligation they must face, and if they do not, they could end up with jail time.

Child custody terms can continue family feeling in Kentucky

For some individuals, the idea of ending a marriage may also mean the end of a family. However, divorce does not necessarily have to mean that a family is no longer a family. If divorced parents are able to remain amicable and come to civil child custody terms, it is very possible for individuals, including those in Kentucky, to still participate in activities as a family.

Hedge fund owner Bill Ackman entering high asset divorce

Every divorce case has its own set of details that contribute to the simplicity or complexity of the proceedings. In many high asset divorce cases, the details tend to lead to more complex issues as the financial aspects of these cases can cause much tension. Of course, the personal lives of the individuals involved can also lead to potential complications if emotions begin to run high. 

Child custody may be primary concern during second divorce

Many individuals are likely to go through divorce at some point in their lives. Some Kentucky residents may even find themselves going through the process more than once. When moving forward with a second divorce, the issue of child custody may become even more pressing, especially if there are children from a previous marriage and the current marriage involved. 

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