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Child custody, stress and health issues may affect Kentucky kids

Their children's health is often a great concern of most Kentucky parents. Whenever a child shows signs of illness, his or her parents likely take the needed steps to ensure that the child gets well. Parents may also take precautionary measures in hopes that children do not suffer health issues. However, some parents may not realize that child custody and divorce-related stress could have health impacts.

Writing may help with high asset divorce stress in Kentucky

Many Kentucky residents may have a difficult time dealing with stress. Unfortunately, if some of those individuals are going through a high asset divorce, there is a good chance that they will experience considerable stress. Therefore, parties may wish to explore coping techniques that could help them better work through their divorce issues. 

Categorizing assets may help during Kentucky property division

Separating two lives that have become intertwined can be a complicated procedure. Any Kentucky resident who has gone through divorce knows just how complex this type of process can be, especially when it comes to property division. In most cases, parties have an idea of what property they would like to keep after the marriage ends, but the outcomes could depend on what assets are marital property and which are considered separate. 

Breakups to high asset divorce -- politics impact relationships

Politics is often considered one of the most contentious topics that individuals can discuss. Most people have their own views of certain issues, and if those views do not align with the opinions of other people, disagreements can easily escalate. When couples find themselves in such tense situations, they could end up breaking up or even going through a high asset divorce.

Jesse Williams does not want to pay alimony as part of divorce

During marriages, Kentucky residents and other individuals get used to living life a certain way. They likely have routines that involve their family members and know how to handle their finances in order to maintain their lifestyles. However, when individuals get divorced, that security may seem less certain, and parties may find themselves wondering whether they could potentially be entitled to alimony

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