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Rushing a high asset divorce may be financial, emotional issue

When Kentucky residents are going through a difficult situation, they often find themselves just wishing it was over. However, when those parties are going through a high asset divorce, moving quickly may not be the best route to follow. There are numerous aspects to consider when ending a marriage, and rushing could lead to regrettable agreements.

Should Kentucky property division include fight for family home?

If a major reason a couple decides to divorce relates to their inability to agree, the dissolution process may prove contentious. Making decisions is a substantial part of divorce, and individuals will need to determine what terms best suit their circumstances when it comes to child custody, support, property division and other areas. In the event that parties cannot agree, the court will likely step in.

Should Kentucky parents try to avoid child custody issues?

When children are involved, divorce situations can typically become more complex in nature. Because the well-being of the children needs to be considered, parents may have a difficult time making certain decisions when it comes to ending their marriages. Determining whether to put their children and themselves through child custody proceedings may play a role in some Kentucky residents' decisions.

Can sleeping arrangements lead to high asset divorce in Kentucky?

Many Kentucky residents know that sleep plays a considerable role in people's lives. Because a lack of sleep can cause someone to become irritated or not think as clearly, most individuals want to get their necessary amount of shut eye. What some parties may not consider, however, is how sleep and sleeping arrangements could affect a marriage. In some instances, those arrangements could potentially contribute to a high asset divorce.

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