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Communication may play role in high asset divorce

Even under the best of circumstances, ending a marriage can have its complications. When Kentucky residents go through a high asset divorce, there may be certain issues that could arise that may not pertain to other cases. Typically, the main concerns relate to property division proceedings and how to protect assets during this time.

Timing and gender of kids could impact divorce, child custody

Many Kentucky residents hope to have loving families of their own. Some people may choose to plan out each pregnancy so that the events occur at specific times in their lives, and others may find themselves pleasantly surprised by the news of pregnancy. Though having children can bring joy, it could also play a factor in divorce and subsequent child custody issues.

There may be an option to avoid monthly alimony payments

When a marriage was comprised of one primary income earner, then a divorce may leave one spouse wondering how he or she will make ends meet -- especially if one has been out of the job market for an extended time. It is in these cases that a judge may order a former spouse to pay alimony for a period of time. Kentucky residents who have been ordered to either make or receive these payments may wonder if they have options for how those obligations are met.

Claims of drug, alcohol abuse may negatively impact child custody

Dealing with any type of serious accusation can be difficult. When a Kentucky resident is accused of drug or alcohol abuse while in the middle of child custody proceedings, the situation may have even more at stake. As a result, the individuals involved in the process may need to gain a lot of information on their legal options and how such claims could play out during family court proceedings.

Property division in gray divorce can affect standard of living

The concept of marriage is changing. More people choose a partnership path that is based on personal fulfillment, and older couples who once may have been more reluctant to divorce are embracing new norms, paving the way for a surge in what the experts call "gray divorce." During a gray divorce, older individuals face many of the same challenges as younger people, but property division can be trickier for these couples. In Kentucky, many older couples have retirement accounts and their home as assets, and dividing these types of assets may take more negotiation and forethought. 

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