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The benefits of uncontested divorce

You have known for a while that your marriage is ending, but maybe you have put off filing because you are worried about the potential cost to your time, sanity and bank account. You have heard horror stories from other friends and associates in Kentucky about their expensive, lengthy divorce disputes. However, it may encourage you to learn that there are other ways to get a divorce than going to court. These are known as uncontested, or amicable, divorce options.

“Amicable” does not necessarily mean you and your spouse must be on friendly terms to seek this type of divorce. In all likelihood, you have complex disputes and you both do not get along very well – there is a reason you are getting divorced, after all. Many common divorce disputes can be settled out of court, however, through means such as mediation or collaborative law. You might be interested to learn that uncontested divorce can come with numerous benefits, including the following:

  • The proceedings of a mediated or collaborative divorce are private, as opposed to everything being a matter of public record in court.
  • Uncontested divorce is often much less time-consuming or costly than litigation.
  • Rather than rely on an impartial judge to rule on your disputes for you, you and your spouse can work on finding solutions that you both can agree upon.
  • Uncontested divorce can be less contentious than litigation, which may be especially beneficial if you have children.
  • You and your spouse have the opportunity to learn valuable negotiation, communication and cooperation techniques that you can keep using throughout your lives in numerous situations, including co-parenting.

You should know that uncontested divorce may not be an option for everyone. If your spouse was abusive, if substance addiction was an issue during your marriage or if you fear he or she will use intimidation tactics or a financial disparity against you, your interests may be better served by involving a judge. It is important to weigh your options thoroughly before deciding what path to take in seeking your divorce.

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