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Child custody info, talking with kids may make divorce easier

While divorce can mean major life changes, it does not have to be the end of the world. However, for young children, their parents' divorce may seem like their lives have been turned upside down, and in many ways they have been. Fortunately,  Kentucky parents can do their part to make child custody proceedings and the aftermath go as smoothly as possible.

Parents may want to make child custody exchanges less contentious

The contention that can come with decisions made during divorce does not always come to an end when the marriage dissolution is finalized. For instance, Kentucky parents may have issues regarding child custody, even if they have a joint custody arrangement. In particular, custody exchanges can sometimes be points where parents have to directly interact, and it can at times cause conflict.

How cohabitation agreements work in Kentucky

Many people opt to maintain their relationship with a long-term partner without entering into marriage for all kinds of reasons. When partners move in together, their finances often become intertwined in a variety of ways. Drafting a cohabitation agreement can bring a great deal of clarity into the situation and protect both parties in the event that they decide to part ways at some point.

Seeking sole physical child custody? What about legal custody?

Many parents who go through divorce believe that it would be best for their children if they only lived with one parent. The circumstances that lead to this belief can differ from family to family. However, it is important for Kentucky parents to understand that child custody deals with legal custody and physical custody.

Materialism could play role in high asset divorce

Many details can impact whether a marriage will last. For some Kentucky residents, identifying certain commonalities that lead to divorce is important before they even tie the knot. In particular, individuals with a considerable amount of wealth often do not want to face high asset divorce, and looking for red flags before marriage could prove useful.

Is child support necessary with joint custody?

Going through divorce as a parent can be one of the most difficult parts of a person's life. Determining child custody arrangements and how child support will work can seem overwhelming, and many parents worry about how the outcomes will affect the kids. Once custody is determined, support payments are often next on the list of importance.

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