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High asset divorce can be complicated but manageable

Having accumulated a considerable amount of wealth or number of assets during a lifetime is often seen as an accomplishment. Of course, it can also make certain situations more complicated. In particular, high asset divorce often presents more challenges, especially during property division, than cases with fewer assets.

Property division: Prenups may be wise for those remarrying

Many people in Kentucky and elsewhere will face divorce at some point in their lives. Some parties may have already gone through the process but were able to find love again. However, they likely understand how difficult property division and other aspects of ending a marriage can be and may want to take precautions to prevent complications in the event of another divorce.

Prenups may protect wealthy individuals during property division

Wealth can come at almost any age. Depending on a number of factors, many Kentucky residents in the millennial generation may already be well on their way to having a substantial amount of assets. As a result, they may worry that in the event of a divorce, their assets could be at risk during property division proceedings. Fortunately, they can plan ahead with prenuptial agreements.

Alimony tax law changes only a few months away

Though changes to tax laws regarding spousal support were announced months ago, many Kentucky residents may be seriously worrying about how it will affect them. The changes to alimony tax obligations will take effect in 2019, which is only a few short months away. While some parties who have already started the divorce process may be able to easily reach their terms by the end of the year, others may struggle to do so.

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