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Living together but unmarried? Here's how to protect your assets

It is common for couples to live together outside of marriage. Although this is a normal circumstance, what happens if you split up? Chances are your finances and assets are intermingled, and you may have concerns about safeguarding your finances and assets if you break up. Because you are not in a marital relationship, you cannot enact a prenuptial agreement for this purpose.

Your employer is transferring you out of state: now what?

Things have been going quite well since your divorce. You have residential custody of your children, and your former spouse is reasonably happy with the custody arrangement and his or her parenting time. Your children, too, seem to have adjusted well to their new family lifestyle. Now all of a sudden your employer tells you that you are being promoted and transferred to the company’s office in another state. What do you do now?

Is nesting realistic in your situation?

In cases of divorce with minor children, nesting, also called bird-nesting, is one option that some higher-income parents consider. It is when the parents decide to keep the children in one home and rotate out. So, instead of the children going to a different home every week or every month, it is their parents who do that.

How does a collaborative divorce work?

Now that you and your spouse have made the decision to end your marriage, you face another difficult choice: Should you go to court to settle your issues, or is there another way? Fortunately for you and other Kentucky residents in the same boat, uncontested divorce is becoming a popular and effective option. Collaborative law is one of the ways you and your spouse can negotiate your divorce without having to go to court.

3 frequently asked questions about cohabitation agreements

So you are living with the love of your life, but you two have decided not to pursue marriage. Whether this is a temporary or permanent decision, you might feel a sense of freedom. However, without marriage, you are also without certain protections. For example, how will you split up your assets if you break up? What about future support for any children?

What people can expect in the first divorce lawyer consultation

It is an unfortunate reality that many marriages end in divorce. Kentucky actually has one of the highest rates of divorce out of any state in the country. According to data collected by the United States Census Bureau, Kentucky has a divorce rate of 13.2 percent

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