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Important financial steps to take when ending a marriage

While some marriages may end amicably, more often than not there is fighting and bitterness involved in the process, particularly when it comes to finances. Whether you have children or not, there are things such as debt and retirement plans to take into consideration when starting the divorce proceedings.

Thoughts for Parents Involved in a Move-Away Child Custody Battle

Divorce is an unfortunate reality of society and initiating one is never an easy process. There is a significant amount of stress associated with dividing the assets between spouses. Furthermore, it is even more difficult when children are involved and more challenging still if one of the spouses is considering moving away with the children.

What Custodial Parents Need to Do to Move out of State

Child custody is a touchy subject, and it becomes all the more fragile if the custodial parent needs to move a substantial distance away. If you have sole or joint custody of your children and have an opportunity to move to another state, for example, your ex-spouse could protest and try to stop you from removing the children from the state.

Alimony may cause conflict in Kentucky high net worth divorces

In Kentucky and elsewhere, an individual's finances can be considerably affected by divorce, both immediately and in the long term. Between property division, alimony and other possible payments, it is not usual for individuals to fear the outcomes of their divorce settlements. However, rather than sit back and expect the worst, individuals may wish to take steps to prepare for their cases and fight for the terms they want.

High asset divorce cases may prove complicated in Kentucky

Individuals may feel the need to end their marriages after any duration of being together. When the couple have been married for decades, the separation process could become more complicated, especially if there are considerable assets involved. High asset divorce may lead individuals to face complications regarding property division and alimony, and the parties involved will likely want to make the most out of their cases in efforts to achieve their desired outcomes. 

Kentucky parents may schedule around holiday child custody term

It is that time of year again when cold weather and Christmas carols abound. For many individuals, the holiday season means hunting for the perfect gifts and figuring out family get-togethers. For recently divorced Kentucky parents, the latter issue may seem even more difficult as child custody agreements may determine how schedules are set. 

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