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Tax legislation may leave Kentucky residents with alimony concern

Throughout married life, many Kentucky residents may rely on the income of one spouse in order to pay for household and personal needs. As a result, when couples decide to divorce, one person could potentially end up facing a more difficult financial future. However, this is typically where alimony or spousal support payments come in as one spouse may be required to make monthly payments to the other.

How does a collaborative divorce work?

Now that you and your spouse have made the decision to end your marriage, you face another difficult choice: Should you go to court to settle your issues, or is there another way? Fortunately for you and other Kentucky residents in the same boat, uncontested divorce is becoming a popular and effective option. Collaborative law is one of the ways you and your spouse can negotiate your divorce without having to go to court.

Communication may be important to child custody, co-parenting

Going through divorce as a parent poses many unique challenges. Kentucky parents may struggle with discussing the changes with their children, and they may also wonder about the terms of their child custody agreements. Though individuals may be able to come to amicable terms, there is still a chance that parenting after the divorce can pose its own difficulties.

Communication may help conflicting parents with child custody

Even under the best of circumstances, parenting can be difficult. When going through a high-conflict divorce, some Kentucky parents may feel that its impossible to keep everything together. Though it can be stressful, parents may want to remain focused on child custody proceedings, the well-being of their children and their best options for moving through the legal process.

Finding best child custody terms takes effort

Most people know other individuals who have decided to bring their marriages to an end. In fact, many Kentucky residents may be making such decisions for their own relationships. If these parties have children, they may find themselves considering the various ways in which child custody outcomes could impact their lives and their relationships with their kids.

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