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Retirement funds not off limits during divorce property division

During divorce, most people know that there are many steps that need taking. For property division in particular, it may be important to obtain forms, records and other documents that could prove ownership or help divide assets. When it comes to retirement funds, Kentucky residents may need to obtain qualified domestic relations orders if they hope to split 401(k) accounts.

Narcissism, child custody may not mix, but sometimes they have to

For many Kentucky parents, doing what is right for their kids is their priority. Though some choices may seem easy, parents often come to points in their lives where they may question what course of action would most benefit their children. This feeling may be especially prevalent when parents divorce, and child custody decisions must be made.

Your employer is transferring you out of state: now what?

Things have been going quite well since your divorce. You have residential custody of your children, and your former spouse is reasonably happy with the custody arrangement and his or her parenting time. Your children, too, seem to have adjusted well to their new family lifestyle. Now all of a sudden your employer tells you that you are being promoted and transferred to the company’s office in another state. What do you do now?

Using child custody to spite other parent can be harmful

It is common for people to believe that hurting someone who has hurt them will allow them to feel better. However, that is often not the case. Much of the time, parties who choose to seek revenge can often end up hurting themselves or other loved ones as much or more than the person they intended to hurt. Because of this possibility, parents in particular may not want to use divorce and child custody as avenues for revenge.

Kentucky divorce rate may have many considering child custody

It is common for most people to know someone who has gotten divorced. In fact, many Kentucky residents may be facing divorce themselves. If they have children, they may worry about making child custody decisions, and dealing with the substantial changes that may come along with making such choices. However, for many, ending a marriage may be the best move for the circumstances.

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